Solar flares : Driving force for life’s origin

Solar flares  could have created heat absorbing molecules causing warming effect and fueling DNA formation on life less earth…researchers propose


Solar flares the probable catalyst of life on particles might have compressed earth’s magnetic field and reached atmosphere providing energy for life forming abiogenic reactions..


  • 4 billion years ago solar flares bombarded earth probably reaching its atmosphere crossing comparatively weak magnetic field of earth that time.
  • Collisions between the particles and molecules in Earth’s atmosphere produced nitrous oxide, a planet-warming greenhouse gas, and hydrogen cyanide, a crucial component for building DNA, the researchers propose May 23 in Nature Geoscience
  • Solar flares erupted more often  from sun that timeThe dive-bombing solar particles ionized and broke apart nitrogen molecules in the air. Those molecules reassembled into new ones such as hydrogen cyanide, which can produce DNA bases and amino acids. Another product, nitrous oxide, is a greenhouse gas nearly 300 times as potent as carbon dioxide. The additional nitrous oxide could have kept Earth from freezing during the sun’s dim days, the researchers propose.
  • Solar particles may have impacted other planets like mars and accelerated life forming conditions, trace of which scientific community passionately  search.


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