Targeted Photoimmunotherapy : Promising approach for cancer treatment..

  • Tumour micro environment has both T cells which can destroy cancer and TREGS regulatory T cells. TREGS suppress the immune response in tumour microenvironment which results in unchecked proliferation of cancerous cells.
  • Targeted photoimmunotherapy selectively target TREGS so that T cells can check cancer growth.
  • In near infrared photoimmunotherapy (NIR-PIT) photoabsorber is conjugated to antibody that selectively binds to cell surface receptor of cancer cells.When in mice model for cancer conjugated antibodies are injected these conjugated antibodies binds with receptors on their target cells (TREGS).
  • After binding with target cells infrared illumination is given to mice ( Experimental mice had healthy immune system but with tumour made up of mice lung or colon cancer cells and then implanted under their skin ) leading to activation of conjugated antibody resulting in selected swelling and bursting of TREG. Due to bursting TREG releases their content in surrounding tumour microenvironment which leads to activation of T cells.13095985_922172651215162_5152497112618807080_n.jpg



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